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Timeout London
If you are planning a trip to London to view some of the finest art exhibitions in the country then go to the Timeout website and see the reviews and listings of the art galleries around London and the current exhibitions.
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Online Art Gallery
Visit the Amsterdam Art Gallery online now and you can browse through their huge range of their original oil and watercolour paintings which are all for sale. No matter where you are around the globe they will deliver your chosen artwork for free and also send you a certificate of authenticity for any of the paintings you buy online from their website.
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Art Gallery NSW
The Art Gallery NSW is situated in Sydney Australia and it houses some of the finest art in Australia. It is one of the most popular art galleries within Australia and has over a million visitors each year. Take a look at their website which showcases some of the fine art they have in their collections.
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The National Gallery
Hosting and caring for a collection of Western European paintings from the 13th to 19th centuries. The National Gallery in London has free entry. Tours can be booked in advance to cater for all needs.
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Art Galleries Direct
If you are interested in buying art and you do not have the time to travel around the art galleries then Art Galleries Direct would be the ideal website to visit. On this website you will find art from all over the world being displayed in the online gallery and you can buy the art directly from the website at affordable prices as they do not have the costly overheads of a gallery and they are able to reach a much wider audience.
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US Art Gallery Guides
Wherever you are in the US, if you are looking for art galleries then the Art Collecting site is the perfect website for you. On their site they have a comprehensive list of all the art galleries throughout the US. Simply click on your State and then your County and you will find details on all the galleries within that area.
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Gallery Worldwide
If you are an artist and have art for sale or you are interested in buying art then go to the Gallery Worldwide website. On this website they have thousands of pieces of art from artists all over the world that are for sale. Browse through oil paintings, abstract art, fantasy art, fine nude art, landscape art and more. You can also sell your own art through this website, check the site for details.
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British Art From 1500
The Tate which is publicly owned is the home of British art from 1500 to the present day. They have four galleries, 2 in London and 1 each in Liverpool and St. Ives. Tate Britain situated in Millbank, London houses some of the very finest art collections from the 1500s onwards whilst the other 3 galleries are home to International modern and contemporary art. Being owned by the public admission is completely free unless there is a major exhibition on.
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Manchester Art Gallery
Manchester Art gallery in the UK offers free admission to the general public Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm. They have literally thousands of items which can be viewed and they also provide a range of tours, talks and workshops for schools, adult learners and community groups.

Last 7 Days!
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National Gallery Of Art
The National Gallery of Art is situated in Washington DC where it has thousands of paintings, sculptures and other art pieces. If you go to their website you can see a lot of the nations collection by way of a virtual tour, you can also use their online shop to purchase guides, catalogues, dvds and more.
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