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Foreign Currency Exchange
Interchange offer foreign currency exchange services to both the public and business markets. On their site you can view live exchange rates and they have a very handy currency converter and they also offer a free information pack. Opening an account is absolutely free, see their website for more details.
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Intel Business Exchange
On the Intel Business Exchange website you can find professional software purposely built to take advantage of Intels latest technologies. It is easy to find what you may be looking for as the software is shown in categories, which include business, education, engineering, graphics, gaming, security and more.
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Business Opportunities In Canada
If you looking to buy or sell a business in Canada then you only need to go to this site here. On this site they have businesses from all over Canada for sale and you can list your own business if you want to sell it. There are also lots of franchise opportunities available as well as access to their Business Exchange magazine which you can view on their site.
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The Business Exchange Inc.
The Business Exchange are situated in North Ohio and have been around since 1989. They are a business development and networking organization, take a look at their website to see what they could offer your business and help you to succeed.
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Exchange Rates
For up to the minute currency exchange rates visit the Reuters website and within their business section you will find an online calculator you can use to work out the exchange rates for all the major currencies. You will also find all the latest headlines on the latest currency news in the US, Europe and Asia.
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The Business Exchange
The Business Exchange Ltd. is based in Scotland and has been around since 1995. They have setup a business exchange network whereby companies can acquire goods and services without having to use cash by simply trading with other companies just like the old days with a bartering system. TBEx have trading links with a lot of the largest organisations in the world and by using their services you could gain access to thousands of businesses the world over.

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MWB Business Exchange
If your business is looking for serviced offices in London or anywhere else in the UK then you may want to talk to MWB Business Exchange as they offer serviced offices, virtual offices with exclusive business adresses in London and they also provide meeting venues for boardroom meetings, training sessions etc.
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Business Exchange
If you are a business professional by going to this website you will be able to find information on any business topics, you can search by keywords or browse their A-Z listing of topics. If you sign up you can create your own business topics and also be able to respond to existing topics with your own business expertise.
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Sydney Business Exchange
Sydney Business Exchange offers a free enquiry service for those looking to start a new business. From selling existing business to a comprehensive list of franchises available, they offer a personalised service.
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Barter - Bizx
Barter and trade exchange helping companies increase sales, expand market share and improve cash flow through barter. BizXchange exists to serve, improve and help grow business.
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