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Useful Sites
Businesses For Sale UK
On this great website you can search for businesses for sale within the United Kingdom. With a very user friendly interface you can search by town or business sector for all types of businesses for sale. You can also search for business transfer agents or chartered surveyors by location.
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UK Trade And Investment
If you want to invest in the UK or maybe you want to export from the UK then you need to look at this essential site as it will have all the information you need.
(Listed On Mon Sep 13 14:25:32 2010)
National Statistics
Check out this website for the latest official government statistics on business investment within the UK
(Listed On Thu Jan 7 14:56:00 2010)

If your UK business needs investors then take a look at the Crowdcube website. They provide businesses the opportunity to find capital for investment through their web based network. Easily connect with thousands of investors and gain access to the capital your business needs.

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Small Business Investor Alliance
This is the website of The Small Business Investor Alliance. They invest in small businesses throughout the US to help them reach their potential. See their website for information and to see how they could possibly help your small business grow.
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Business Investment Opportunities
The Economy Watch website has a huge section on investing and investment including business investment opportunities. Read their articles and if you are looking for business investment opportunities you will find them reported on this website.
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Investors Business Daily
On the Investors website you will find all the very latest business news, stock market news and prices, fund performance information and much more.
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Business Partners
If you are an entrepreneur and you are looking for somebody to invest money into your new business venture then go to the Business Partners website and see what they can offer you. They provide their services to entrepreneurs and small to mid sized corporations and are one of the largest business partner networks on the Internet.
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British Business Angels Association
This is the website of the BBAA which is dedicated to promoting angel investing and supporting early stage investment in the UK. So whether you are an investor that is looking to invest in early stage businesses or you are simply looking for funding for a business you may want to take a look to see what the BBAA has to offer.
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Angel Investment Network
The Angel Investment network is all about connecting entrepreneurs with Angel Investors. So whether you are an investor looking for investment opportunities or an entrepreneur looking for investment into your business you should take a look at this site here.
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