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Useful Sites
Education And Child Development
This site is an essential resource for parents of school aged children with tons of information of child development and also listings of activities and articles which will make parenting much more fun.
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U.S. Department Of Education
This is the official website for the US Department of Education and besides the latest news from the world of education you will find all the information you need on education in the US including funding, research and statistics, education policies, lots of very useful resources and more.
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Public Speaking Training
The Newman Speaking Institute, based in South Florida, provides training in communication, courtroom presentation, public speaking and courtroom speaking. Effective communication training at The Newman Speaking Institute helps people improve their speaking and presentation skills in courtrooms as well as areas of law, politics, business, finance and real estate.
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Teachers Network
TES is one of the worlds largest network of teachers with over 1.5 million members worldwide. Check out their official website which contains tons of resources for teachers and also features teaching jobs throughout the world which are available.
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Top Marks
Top Marks is a great resource for teachers, children and parents. Packed full of resources for teachers which can be used in the classroom, resources for children to help them with their homework, along with lots of interactive games which are both educational and fun.

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Education News
On the New York Times website you will find all the very latest education news for colleges, universities, public schools, private schools, scholarships and more. Students can even find out about student loans and financial aid. They also have a Learning Network for parents, students and teachers.
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Education And Learning
The Directgov website is an essential resource for anyone looking for information on education and learning. Anyone thinking about attending a university can find out about student finances, facts about all the universities, colleges and courses that are available to students, adult learning, lots of information for parents on schools and preschools and much more.
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Education City
The EducationCity website greatly helps to improve education for children. They offer lots of educational games for children which are great fun and can all be played online. They also offer interactive whiteboard resources for teachers. All the activities are aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 12 years old and are also ideal for older children with special education needs.
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BBC Learning
In the learning section of the BBC website they have something for everybody, for teachers, adult learners, students and children in all types of subjects including history, science, maths, languages, IT and lots more.
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Education UK
If you are an international student and you are looking for courses to do in the UK or you are looking to study in the UK then you should take a look at the official British Council website.
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Department Of Education - University Of Bath
Website for the Department of Education at the University of Bath which gives details of the selection of Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses offered by the university The site also features a number of videos where both students and lecturers talk about the education courses offered by the university

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Department For Children Schools And Families
The DCSF was founded in 2007 with the aim of providing a better environment for our children to grow up in. The site is full of very useful information for parents, teachers and children themselves.

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