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Useful Sites
Direct Gov Employment
For all employment related issues, including help and advice, employment rights, health and safety and a prolific job search engine take a look here at the UK governments website.
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Supplying Temporary, Permanent and Contract staff across England and Wales since 1977 Travail have developed an excellent reputation for supplying both companies and applicants with an outstanding level of service to suit their every requirement.
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Career Builder
Career Builder is one of the largest job search sites on the Internet, no matter where you are in the US if you are looking for a new job or thinking of starting a new career see what is on offer in your region on the Career Builder website and take advantage of the numerous resources available which could help you to find employment.
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Employment USA
If you are looking for a job or a change of career in the US then take a look at the Employment website. Here you will find a search facility where you can search for jobs using specific keywords and stating the location you are looking for employment in. You can also register at the site which will allow you to upload your own resumee.
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Reed Recruitment Agency
Reed are one of the largest job sites on the Internet today. They have been online since 1995 and today are visited by over 2 million jobseekers every month. They have thousands of job opportunities available from over 9,000 recruiters from both the private and public sectors.
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Employment Tribunals
This is the official website of the Tribunal Service in the UK. By going to their website you will find information about the tribunals procedures. You can also find out how to go about making a claim of unfair dismissal or how to respond to such a claim if you are the employer.
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The Institute For Employment Studies
Founded in 1969, The IES is a registered charity and their goal is to bring about sustainable improvements in employment policy and human resource management.
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Employment Law
This website is extremely useful to employers, employees and law professionals as it provides them with free access to British employment law information. It also hosts a facility to allow you to find a solicitor or a barrister and has a very handy employment law search engine.
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Citizens Advice Bureau
If you are looking for advice and information on employment in the UK then you should take a look at this site here which gives you information about your basic rights, employment contracts, redundancy, maternity leave and a whole lot more covering all aspects of employment in the UK.
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This is the website of the Jobcentre Plus which is a government agency whose purpose is to help people on welfare find employment. The search engine is used in every Job centre in the country.
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