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Useful Sites
HM Revenue & Customs
This is an essential website for anyone that is or wants to become self employed in the United Kingdom. Here you can file your tax returns online, register for VAT, claim a tax repayment and find all the information you may require if you are self employed in Great Britain.
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SE Individuals Tax Center
If you are self employed in USA then you should be sure to visit this website. It is the official website of the IRS where you will find out everything you need to know about paying your taxes. You will also be able to download and print off your own tax forms.
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Self Employed Health Insurance
This is the official website for the National Association for the Self Employed. They are a non profit organization which was first setup in 1981 to provide daily support to the self employed in the US. See their website to see how they could help you and your business.
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Employee Vs Contractor
On this TaxTips website they discuss Canadian tax and financial information. On this page you can see in detail all of the advantages and disadvantages of being employed or self employed.
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Self Employed Jobs
If you are searching for self employed work in the UK then take a look at this website here as they have thousands of jobs being advertised, a lot of them where you can work from home. For employers looking to find candidates for self employed work you can post your job ads on this website for free.
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10 Myths About Self-Employment
If you are considering working for yourself and becoming self employed take a look at this website here and check out the article which goes into detail about ten myths about self-employment which you will find very useful and will help you to decide better.
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Set Up As Self Employed
Business Link provides a lot of very useful information on setting up and registering your own business and becoming self employed. it will tell you in detail what you need before you should start and give you important information on tax matters.
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This is the website of the official graduate careers in the UK. If you visit this site you will be able to find everything you need to know about becoming self employed and setting up your own business.
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Self Employment Checklist
This very useful page on the Citizens Advice Bureau's website provides a checklist which would help anyone that is thinking about becoming self-employed. It gives information on everything you should need to know about including taxation, national insurance contributions, business rates and a lot more besides.
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Canada Revenue Agency
On the Canada Revenue Agency website you can download a publication or view it online which describes in detail the differences between being employed and self employment. The same publication is also available in text, braille and large print for people with problems with their sight.
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