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Useful Sites
Gambling Forum
Check out the Gambling Forum for all the very latest gambling news and headlines. If you are looking for gambling information this site has it all, you will find the rules for all the popular casino games as well as being able to find tips and strategies. You can also read reviews on online casinos, see which casinos are offering the best bonuses and more. They also have a forum which you can join so you can discuss your favorite games with others.
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Gambling Therapy
No matter where you are in the world if you have a problem with gambling then you can go to the Gambling Therapy website, select your language and be taken to webpages where you can talk to an online advisor live or you can send emails if you prefer not to talk direct. You can even join in group sessions or join their forum and discuss your problem with other users with similar problems.
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Gambling Quotes
This sight has some light hearted humour on Gambling of all types. Funny quotes from famous people and lots of cartoons regarding all forms of betting. It also has a list of those sites you should avoid at all costs.
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Gamble Aware
If its the facts about gambling in the UK that you want then you need to go and visit the Gamble Aware website. They only promote responsible gambling and provide you with the facts about gambling responsibly in the UK. Check out their money management planner and see whether you have a problem with gambling and if you do check out their help and advice section.
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Casino Top 10
With so many casinos on the Internet it can be a daunting experience trying to find a casino that suits you. If you go the Casino Top 10 website they have listings of the best casinos which you could play in which all have full reviews and you can be sure they are all safe and secure to play in. No matter where you are, whether in the UK, Canada, Australia or the US you will find a top ten list for your region.
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Gambling Statistics
On this page of the Gambling Commission website you can gain access to lots of useful and interesting publications and guides, including the very latest gambling industry statistics for the UK, rules of casino games, lottery and licensing information and much more. All these guides and publications are viewable in your browser or can be saved as PDF files to your computer for future viewing.
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Gamblers Anonymous
Gamblers Anonymous was created by a group of compulsive gamblers to help them defeat their gambling problem and to help others do the same. They have meeting places all over the UK where you can go and start to get help for your gambling addiction, see their website for details on locations, dates and times.
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Gambling Commission UK
The Gambling Commission regulate all commercial gambling in the UK with the exception of the National Lottery and spread betting. They were formed in 2005 and became fully in force by 2007 under the Gambling Act 2005. From their site you can view statistics for all the different types of gambling and find information on all the licences involved.
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US Gambling Laws
If you are interested in US gambling laws or simply want to see what the laws are on gambling for the State which you reside in then simply go to this website where you will find all the State Gambling Laws, US Federal Gambling Laws, lots of gambling law articles and more.
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Asia Pacific Association For Gambling Studies
This is the website of The Asia Pacific Association for Gambling Studies who are a non profit professional organisation that provide gambling research. See their website about the Journal of Gambling and Commercial Gaming Research which they produce.

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Gambling Help Australia
If you are in Australia and you have a gambling problem or you know somebody who has then take a look at the Gambling Help Online website where you can get all the help you need for any gambling addictions. They also offer face to face counselling sessions which are completely free, see the website for more details.
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Canada Gambling Insider
When looking for a Canadian casino to play in online, head for the Gambling Insider website as you will find hundreds of reviews of Canadian mobile and online casinos making it very easy for you to choose which would be the best option for you. You will also find details about the best current bonuses being offered by online Canadian casinos.
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Gambling News
For all the very latest news stories from the world of gambling, both online and offline, check out the Guardian newspapers online website where you will find all this and more.
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National Council On Problem Gambling
If you have a problem with gambling, whether it be patholgical gambling or compulsive gambling, if you go to the National Council on Problem Gambling's website you will be able to find all the help you need. It has tons of information on gambling addiction and can help point you in the right direction for counselling, all which can help you to control your gambling problem.
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