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The Genealogist
The Genealogist is one of the top British genealogy websites which has more to offer than most genealogy websites in the UK. If you are serious about completing a family tree this website offers subscriptions which will give you access to all the information you will need.
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Genealogy Bank
The Genealogy Bank is the ultimate genealogy website which offers access to over 1 billion genealogy records. The Genealogy Bank is different to your normal genealogy sites in that it offers you exclusive access to newspaper archives which were printed in towns and cities across the United States dating back to 1690 on American families.
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British Genealogy
The British Genealogy website is totally dedicated to British family history research. The website is divided into two main sections, the resources section, which is packed with information on birth, death and marriage certificates, parish registers, british censuses, books and records and more and also a forum section where you can find help and lots of useful discussions which you can participate in.
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To find information on family history in the US a great place to start is the Archives website. With over a billion records in their huge database of records of births, deaths and marriages and expert advice on hand you are sure to find all the information and help you need. The service is not free but the rates are very reasonable to gain access as a member.
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UK & Ireland
For all your UK and Ireland queries on genealogy just go to the GenUKI website. They have tons of information all of which is free to access as the website is a non commercial service and all the information has been provided by volunteers and maintained by a charitable trust.
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US GenWeb Project
The US GenWeb Project is totally committed to offering a free genealogy service unlike the commercial genealogy websites which you have to pay for. Simply select the State which you are interested in and you will be taken to a website just for that State which then has a link to each of the counties within that State.
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Family Ancestry
If you want information on genealogy and history the Family Ancestry site is an ideal site to visit. Filled with lots of interesting facts and figures from times gone by and a huge database of the origins of surnames this is the perfect knowledgebase of support and information.
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Free Family History
On the Family Search website, which is a free online service provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you can input details to try and search for your family history. There are also lots of other great features on this website including family history articles, classes , videos and guides for genealogy research.
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Society Of Genealogists
If you join the Society of Genealogists by becoming a member you can get a whole range of benefits which include free access to their library when it is open. You can also get access to all their online data as well as tons of free advice. You will also qualify for discounts on courses and lectures offered by the Society.

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Genealogy Software
If you are serious about creating your own family tree, the easiest way to do it is to use genealogy software on your computer. There are lots and lots of options available on the internet so making a choice as to which one is best for you can be difficult and time consuming. Well not anymore because you can go to the Top Ten Reviews website which has done all the hard work for you and select which software you are most interested in.
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Irish Genealogy
If you are specifically looking for Irish genealogy records then this is the website to visit. On this site you can gain acces to almost 3 million church records completely free of charge as well as lots of useful information which will help you in your search for your Irish ancestors.
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Family Trees & History Online
The Ancestry website has been around for more than ten years and is the worlds biggest family history resource on the Internet. You can search for birth, death and marriage records, public member trees, military records and more, you can even start your own tree easily by using the information and resources available in the learning center.
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