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This is the regional section of the site that can be used for accessing different geographic locations of the world. All sections are divided as per their continental location. These are further subdivided into countries, states and cities. By using this subsection, it would become much easier for one to make use of country specific directories. Each of these sites is within the country or that particular location and so only local information relevant to that region would be provided along with some demographics.

There are 10 subsections mainly Africa, Asia, the Caribbean's, Central America, Europe, the Middle East, North America, Oceania, the Polar Regions and South America. Each of these 10 subsections contains information relevant to them. Information such as the geographic location, demographics, culture, people as well as the history of the continent or place is also provided. At the same time, one can also find detailed information suitable for the tourist and information about the nightlife that can be found in these regions. For example, under Europe, information regarding the Louvre Museum as well as Oktoberfest and the Colosseum in Rome can be found. At the same time, there is also a brief introduction regarding the region provided.

By making use of these subsections, it can become quite easy to be able to narrow down a particular search to your particular state or town. Therefore, if you require information relevant to a particular section of the world, it can easily be found. For instance all those websites that are UK based can easily be found under the section Europe. On the other hand, those websites that are mainly relevant to North America can be found under that particular category. No longer would you have to go through any cumbersome or difficult process of searching alphabetically or categorically as a requirement for finding any particular website.

As S810 is a complete open direct project, that is completely edited and maintained by humans, it becomes much easier to also check and verify the contents of these regional sections. This is also of great use if you have recently moved to another part of the world and are on the lookout for particular shops or domains in that area. At the same time, it also becomes much easier for an individual to submit any link for a site, especially if the site relates to a particular regional section.

Although there are many other open directory websites on the Internet, none of them contain a regional section and subsection. It doesn't matter whether you're located in America, Egypt, Australia, India, China, Jamaica, Brazil, Paraguay, Syria or even Finland, if there is some website relevant to your location, you can bet that you will find it over here.

This regional section of S810 is a great addition to the already existing categories that are located here including arts, shopping, culture, science, education, sports among others. Irrespective of where you are located, you'll now be able to obtain only that information which you require for a particular location.

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