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South America Weather Information
When looking for weather information on any of the South American countries, take a look at the website of the World Meteorological Organization and their World Weather Information Service where you can find the very latest weather bulletins for all of the South American countries including Brazil, Paraguay and Venezuela.

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Crowley Maritime Corporation
If you need any form of shipping service within South America then check out the Crowley Corporations website. They provide a whole host of services including Logistics, Air Freight, Ocean towing, Ship Management, Warehousing and Distribution and much more.
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Progress Rail Services
Progress Rail Services provide services and supply components for locomotives and passenger trains in South America. Their services include inspections, revision, modifications, modernization, preventive and corrective maintenance, leasing and more.
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LANIC is the Latin American Network Information Center and should be your first stop when looking for information about Latin America. Whether you are researching for academic purposes or you are a public sector professional looking for important information you are sure to find all the information on the South American region you require at this site.
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OLADE, is the Latin American energy organization and has 26 member countries from South America, the Caribbean and Central and North America and their objective is to develop the energy resources and improve the economic and social development of its member countries.
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Pan American Health Organization
The Pan American Health Organization is the regional office for the Americas of the World Health Organization. Their objective is to improve the health and living standards of all the countries within the Americas. Find out about all the health issues in S.America here, with journals and libraries of information for health workers and researchers.
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Travel In South America
Visit this website for a very detailed travel guide for South America. Find information on all the best cities you could visit, the best excursions you could go on and the best wildlife that you could observe. So whether you are looking to go to South America as a tourist, or just planning a family vacation you will find all the information you need right here.
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Volunteer Latin America
The VLA is an independent organisation which offers a cost effective way to become an environmental or humanitarian volunteer in South America. So if you are interested in volunteer work to help with enviromental issues in South America then check out this site now.
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