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Useful Sites
Science Museum
The Science Museum based in South Kensington, London was founded in 1857, today they have hundreds of thousands of objects in their massive collection of scientific artefacts. Check out their site for an in-depth look into all things scientific old and new.
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Government Science Portal
This website is a great resource for science professionals, students and teachers and everybody that is interested in science. Access information from over 2000 different websites containing over 200 million pages of scientific information all from this site here.
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Science Direct
When seeking information on science, go to the Science Direct website and you will find a wealth of information which has been taken from science books and journal articles taken from thousands of peer reviewed journals.
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Science News
Check out the Science News website which is the online home of the magazine of the society for science and the public. It is updated daily with all the very latest science news from around the globe and even has a special section for science news for kids.
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The New York Times
Check out the science section of The New York Times website right here where you will find lots of very interesting articles on all different science topics which you can select from a handy dropdown which include acid rain, animals, asteroids, comets, dinosaurs, inventions & patents, physics, radiation, solar syatem, tornadoes and much more.
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Interactive Science Revision
Introduce your children to the world of science and let them have fun at the same time by visiting this site here. This prolific website, of Woodlands Junior School in Kent, has lots and lots of educational resources for children which include interactive online science games and activities.
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Science Daily
If you are looking for a website that brings you all the very latest research news in the world of science then check out Science Daily. When you subscribe to this website, which is free, you will have access to thousands of research articles, hundreds of educational videos and thousands of images.
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Science News And Jobs
This is the website of the weekly science and technology news magazine. You can find all the latest science news from around the world and even search for a job within the science sector, browse their galleries and watch videos.
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This is the official website of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration better known as NASA. If you are interested in space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics research then you will find it all here and more.
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Science Journals
If you are interested in science then you ought to take a look at this website. It will give you access to thousands of science journals and a huge amount of information. There are also over 5000 science jobs being advertised here.
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Cheltenham Science Festival
The Cheltenham Science Festival programme presents a diverse programme of events over a five day period, this year exploring subjects as wide ranging as DNA and the Higgs Boson to comets and the humble cup of tea. The festival also presents a wide range of events suitable for students in education for keystage 1-3 along with a fantastic range of free events as part of the Fringe Festival

Last 7 Days!
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Bbc Science
Homepage for the popular BBC Science website featuring articles on a vast range of subjects along with links the BBC Bitesize website which has been developed to aid students revising for their GCSEs and Scottish Highers
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Science Channel
Take a look at the Science Channel website which is part of the Discovery network of television channels and websites. You will find lots of videos and photos to view, be able to see what is on and when it is on and you can even have fun on their website with their quizzes and games.
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Science Mag
Science is one of the worlds leading publicists for scientific news, research and commentary within the world of science. Originally founded by Thomas Edison in 1880, Science now has a board of reviewing editors which consists of more than a hundred of the worlds top scientists.
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