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Useful Sites
Sport England
Sport England is a government agency which is responsible for developing a first class community sports system. They also manage lottery funding for sports, so if you are looking for funding or just want to see what resources are available then take a look at their site.
(Listed On Fri Apr 17 00:10:52 2009)
Yahoo! Sports
For all your sporting needs, whether it be results, fixtures or news, Yahoo Sports has it all. You can even join in and have some fun and play their football fantasy games.
(Listed On Fri Apr 17 00:10:17 2009)
Espn Worldwide Sports
This is the official website of ESPN who are the worldwide leader in sports. Here on their website you can find information, news, videos, competitions, highlights and more from all the major sports in and around the world.
(Listed On Wed Nov 3 15:42:26 2010)

Sport Wales
Sport Wales are a national organisation that are responsible for promoting and developing sporting activities in Wales. Check out their website for information on community sport, funding and support, coaching and more.

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Sporting Life
This is the official website of the UK's Sporting Life. Here you can get the very latest results from the world of horse racing, football, golf, rugby, cricket, tennis and so much more. See the latest live scores, comment on the matches as they are happening, check out the latest statistics on your favourites.
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NBC Sports
At the NBC Sports website you can view up to the minute sports news for all the sporting events around the US and the world. Check out the latest college football and basketball results and fixtures, news on golf, nascar, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and much more.
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The Sports Network
The TSN website is the number 1 source of sports news, statistics and tv schedules in Canada.You can access this site on your mobile phone, see the website which will give you details on how to view their mobile site so you can view all the sports info on your mobile phone.
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Sky Sports
For all your football, cricket, boxing, rugby, golf, Formula 1 and more sports news and articles visit the Sky Sports website where you will find all the latest news and events being reported on. You will also be able to see which sporting events are being shown live on their sports channels.
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Sports Illustrated Online
Part of the CNN Network, Sports Illustrated brings you all the breaking news and real time scores from sporting events world-wide.
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Books And Memorabilia
If you are interested in sports books and memorabilia such as programmes, postcards, or autographs, then take a look at this site here where you will find all this and more. If you have any sporting memorabilia yourself you can get in touch with them to discuss selling it.
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BBC Sports
Whether you are into football, rugby, cricket, golf, boxing or pretty much any sport then you should take a look at the BBC sports website as it has all the latest news and events for all the main sporting events and occasions.
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