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Useful Sites
Major Sports Event Guide
If you are going to organise a sporting event this website has some valuable information for you. You can download the 'Major Sports Events The Guide' which is invaluable information for anyone thinking about staging a sporting event.
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Sportsworld Events
Take a look at the Sportsworld website and use their interactive calendar to find all the major sporting events for the upcoming year around the globe. See whats on and where and find lots of very useful information on each of the events including how much and where to get your tickets from.
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Need tickets to a sporting event Then check out the Ticketmaster website as they have tickets for all of the popular sporting events and more including tickets for motorsports, NHL, NBA, Monster Jam, WWE, UFC and more. Be sure to check out their special offers which could save you dollars on normal ticket prices.
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Sports Events Magazine
If you are planning an amateur sporting event or competition within the United States then check out this website. The Sporting Events Magazine is packed full of news and information about sports event planning which could help you to be more effective with your event planning.
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Sports Events
Sports Events have been around since 1986 and are market leaders in corporate event management. They also offer group and individual sport event packages and they are a full sefvice ticket provider.
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DTB International
DTB Sports Hospitality and Events Management offer a range of services providing hospitality for sporting and cultural events around the world. They offer bespoke services for a range of different events and you can even source tickets for major sporting events through them. If you are looking for professional hospitality and event solutions take a look at the DTB website for more information.
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Disability Sports Events
If you are disabled or you know somebody that is and they are interested in taking part in sports events, this is the website you should take a look at. It is the official website of the events division of the English Federation of Disability Sport. Here you will find all the information you need.
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Sports Events Travel
If you are planning on making a trip to a major sporting event anywhere around the globe, take a look at this website. Here they offer a wide range of packages to most of the major sporting events around the world. They also cater for groups, so if you are looking to arrange a corporate event at a sporting event see what they have to offer.
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Sporting Events Worldwide
The Sportsworld Group provides a full compliment of event management services. Offering such things as specialist travel services for teams and officials, travel packages for the individual and for businesses and lots more besides.
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Buy Or Sell Sports Tickets
No matter what type of sports you like to spectate, if you are looking for tickets for a sporting event then you should check out the Seatwave website. Here you will find tickets to pretty much any type of upcoming sporting event including rugby, cricket, boxing, football, motorsports, tennis, baseball and much more.

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Sky Sports
If you want to find out about the latest sports events then take a look on the Sky Sports website where you can see whats on and when its on. Some sports events can be viewed online as they happen live through the Sky Sports Event Centre, see the website for full details.
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Sporting Event Tickets
If you are looking to purchase tickets for a major sporting event you are sure to find them here as this website has the largest database for worldwide sporting events.
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