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National Telecommunications Commission
The National Telecommunications Commission is responsible for monitoring the operation of all telecommunications and broadcast activities within the Philippines. They will issue licences and certificates where required and will enforce applicable domestic and intemational laws.
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This is the home page of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration which is an organization which advises the presidency on telecommunications and information policy issues. Check out their website to see whats new in the world of telecommunications.
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This is the official website of the Telecommunications UK Fraud Forum which is a forum which helps to promote the efforts against telecommunications fraud. Membership of the forum is open to both individuals and organisations, see their website for details on costs.
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Business Telecommunications
5G Communications offer businesses in the UK a complete range of telecom services and products which can cater for any size of business. Their range products includes telephone systems, business mobiles, business broadband and more all of which they can install, set up and maintain. See their website to see how they could help your business with its telecommunication requirements.
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TeleCommunication Systems
This is the website of TeleCommunication Systems Inc. which provides global communication solutions including engineered satellite-based services, location-based wireless infrastructure and apps, professional services for communications solutions, secure deployable communication systems, telematics and navigation and more.
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Telecommunications Industry News
For the very latest news stories from the the telecommunication industry check out this section on the Guardian newspapers website. You can also check out the latest blogs and leave your own comments for others. So if you are in the telecommunications industry and want to be kept up to date with the very latest news headlines for the industry go here now.
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BT Home & Business
British Telecom offer a huge range of telecommunication services to both home and business users as well as IT and networking services to large business and public sector organisations. See their website to see the full range of services they can provide.
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International Telecommunication Union
This is the site of the ITU, International Telecommunication Union, which is based in Switzerland with it's headquarters in Geneva. They are the main agency for information and communication technology issues for governments and the private sector in developing networks and services.
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National Coordinating Center For Telecommunication
This is the official website of The National Coordinating Center for Telecommunications where you can find all the information you may require including their capabilities, resources, contact information and more.

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Telecommunications Industry Association
This is the website of the Telecommunications Industry Association who have been around since 1988 and are the leading trade association representing the global information and communications technology industries. Their website is packed with information, which promotes industry awareness of telecom standards, issues and events.
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